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Colony Counter

Colony Counter offered are made available in precision design standards and feature solid state circuitry support as well as advanced pressure sensor system that provides for uniform sensitivity over involved working field. Finding suitability for counting bacteria growth in different size of petri dishes, it also comes with electronic lamp support for illumination purposes.

Features :
  • Comes with necessary illumination support
  • Providing operators comfortable working environment
  • Comes with bright red LED display support
  • Features presence of adjustable focusing arm that allows for magnifying glass to be placed at different angles of working position
  • Focusing arm also designed for accommodating lens of different magnitudes
  • Features use of intelligent counting technology
  • Mild steel powder coated finish that provides for long-lasting usage support

Technical Specifications:
Working Principle Pressure sensor system that provides for uniform sensitivity over whole working field
Readout 4-digit bright red, 0.6” LED display
Petri Dish Holder Accept 10 cm to 15cm dish using flexible adjuster
Illumination Ring-shaped lamp for providing direct/indirect illumination
Zero Reset Button Yes
Modes of Counting Marking pen counting (any pen), switch pen counting
Coating Mild steel powder coated
Display 4 digit display
Working Work on 220 v ac

  • Microbe enumeration
  • Assisting for counting bacterial colonies on agar plates
  • For automating microscopic and macroscopic counting applications

Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle offered find usage in heating of the containers and provides functioning as alternative to other options of excited bath. One of its advantage include of usage possibility of heating mantle in direct contact with the medium without growing risk of shattering of glassware. This is so as heating element present in heating mantle comes insulated from container.

Features :
  • Made available in aluminum sheet powder coated finish
  • Construction of mantle using glass yarn
  • Capability of handling temperatures up to 350⁰C
  • Comes supported with energy regulator

Technical Specifications:
  • Made available in sizes of 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, 10000ml
  • Work on 220 v ac.

  • Used for heating flasks containing sample
  • Used in research labs
  • Used in Chemical and biochemical laboratories for temperature dependent reactions as well as distillation purposes in organic chemistry

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Kjeldhal Digestion Unit offered allows for precision handling of process that is used commonly for performing nitrogen as well as protein determination in diversified applications involving areas like beverage, environmental, food & feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industry sectors. Further, these can be made available as per different industry standards like AOAC, DIN and others.

Features :
  • Made available in mild steel and powder coated finish
  • Featuring use of mantle type heaters with presence of energy regulator support
  • Works on 220 v ac supply
  • Suitable for estimation of nitrogen content in substance
  • Suitable for handling 300 & 500ml capacity flasks
  • Can be also supplied without glass parts & clamp support

Technical Specifications:
  • M.S. powder coated with mantle type heater support
  • 3/6 tests capacity with support of glass parts, duct, clamps
  • Rating of each test is 200 Watts

  • Suitable for estimation of nitrogen content in substance
  • For performing nitrogen analysis for applications in –
  • Food & feed
  • Beverage
  • Environmental
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical industries

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Kjeldhal Distillation Unit offered finds application in performing nitrogen analysis as well as protein determination as per Kjeldahl method. Some of the industry areas where these find usage in include food & feed industry as well as in environmental and chemical industry sectors. The system features body construction in MS that comes duly powder coated so as to provide for optimum functional support.

Features :
  • Mantle type heaters with energy regulator support
  • Comes with capacity of 3/6 tests
  • Work on 220 v ac supply
  • Can handle 300 & 500ml capacity flasks
  • Supplied with clamps as well as rubber tubing support
  • Suitable for diverse laboratory needs
  • Provides for reliable results in terms of quantification of nitrogen content as well as protein determination in samples

Technical Specifications:
  • Body made of m.s. powder coated
  • Mantle type heaters, with energy regulator
  • 3/6 tests
  • Comes with glass parts, condenser, clamps and tubing support
  • Work on 220 v ac supply

  • Used for analysis concerning applications like –
  • Determining ammonia nitrogen
  • Protein determination
  • Nitrogen content
  • Nitric nitrogen
  • Phenols
  • Volatile fatty acids
  • Cyanides
  • Alcohol content

Soxhlet Extraction Unit

Soxhlet Extraction Unit offered comprises mild steel sheet housing as well as support of vertical and horizontal rods as well as adopter and screw support for holding of the flasks. The soxhlet distillation extraction process finds usage for dissolving as well as extracting oil as well as brine from rock core sample through use of solvent support. For optimum functionality support, the apparatus comprises heating mantle with thermostatic controller as well as distillation/extraction glassware unit support. The other support system includes glassware, soxhlet extractor, condenser, plastic tubing and others.

Features :
  • Body constructed in MS epoxy coated finish
  • Featuring use of mantle type heaters that comes with support of energy regulator
  • Capability to handle 3/6 tests
  • Can handle flasks of 250ml & 500ml capacity
  • Supplied with support of clamps as well as rubber tubing
  • Works on electric supply of 220/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz AC

Technical Specifications:
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Mantle type heater support
  • 3/6 tests capacity
  • Work on 220 v ac
  • Suitable to heat soxhlet flasks of 50-500ml
  • Mild steel sheet housing
  • Rating of each test of 200 Watts
  • Can also be supplied without glass parts & clamp support

  • Suitable for extractors of Soxhlet and other types
  • Suitable for heating soxhlet flasks of 50-500ml

Buchi Type Vacuum Evaporator

Bucchi Type Vacuum Evaporator offered comprises apparatus featuring evaporating flask that is rotated with support from heavy duty motor that allows for achieving vacuum distillation of solvents at both high as well as low temperatures. The presence of variable speed motor also helps in preventing foaming as well as bumping of liquids into evaporating flask as well as for providing for distillation under controlled atmosphere conditions.

  • Evaporating flask of pear shape that provides for optimum surface area for evaporation
  • Condenser comes fitted with standard joint at top as well as bottom for receiver flask
  • Unit comes fitted with quick action jack
  • System designed for preventing foaming of vacuum and bumping of liquid
  • Allows for low temperature vacuum distillation of heat sensitive compounds
  • Tubing support that provides for continuous feed of liquids into evaporating flask as well as allows distillation under controlled atmosphere conditions

Technical Specifications::
  • Unit supplied on heavy duty tubular stand
  • Digitally Controlled Water Bath with all S.S. finish
  • Comes with Jack and Rotary High Vacuum Pump with provision of shut-off valve
  • Unit fitted with optimum functioning DC DRIVEN MOTOR that provides for variable speed rotation

  • Suitable for delivering precision operation standards of vacuum distillation of solvents at –
  • High temperatures
  • Low temperatures

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