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Flame Photo Meter

Flame Photo Meter offered comprises advanced technology based machine that finds usage in the field of inorganic chemical analysis for finding out concentration of certain metal ions including potassium, sodium, calcium and lithium. This is also a cheaper provision in comparison to flame emission spectroscopy where emitted light is analyzed using monochromatic. The system can be used for testing a choice of metals for analysis purposes as well as comes with consideration of limiting of detection. Made available under model options CL-410

  • Can be used for detecting presence of sodium with maximum PPM of 100 and minimum PPM of 2
  • Can be used for detecting presence of potassium with maximum PPM of 100 and minimum PPM of 1
  • Can be used for detecting presence of calcium with maximum PPM of 300 and minimum PPM of 30 (optional)
  • Can be used for detecting presence of lithium with maximum PPM of 25 2 (optional)
  • Comes with LCD display support of 20*4
  • Comes with reproducibility provision of± 2% & ± 1 digit
  • Features photo diode detector support
  • Can be provided with support of NA & K STD I/F CA & LI filters (optional)
  • Designed to work on 220 V AC

Technical Specifications:
100 1
25 2

  • Designed for industrial analysis
  • Used for routine determination of sodium, barium, lithium, potassium, calcium concentrations


Spectrophotometer offered is backed by latest design and process technology support and finds usage as photometer comprising apparatus for measuring of light intensity. The system is designed for calculating strength as function of light source wavelength. The system is also provided with optimum support in form of spectral bandwidth, linear range of absorption as well as reflectance measurement that provides for optimum usage support.

  • Made available under model options CL-330
  • Comes in wave length range of 340 TO 990NM with accuracy delivered of± 1 NM, read out of 3½ DIGIT LED, 1 NM STEP and bandwidth of 5.0 NM
  • Comes with photometric support in range from 0.3 to 2.500 ABS with grating support of 600 LINES / MM
  • Working source provided in form of tungsten halogen lamp of 12 v, 50 w for 330-1100 NM
  • Comes with silicon photo diode detector support
  • Features measuring mode of % T, ABS,CONC
  • Comes in K factor range from 0.0 to 9999 and conc. range from 0 TO 9999
  • Designed to deliver process accuracy of +/- 0.005 Abs at 1.0 A
  • Designed to deliver resolution of 0.1 % T, 0.001 Abs
  • Provides data read out on 3 ½ Digit LED interface as well as 16*1 DIGIT LCD for W/L
  • Comes in grating of 1200 lines/nm and deuterium lamp support for 200-330 nm
  • Features 4 position manual sample compartment
  • Features accessories support inform of two 10 mm path length QUARTZ curettes
  • Works on electric supply support of 220/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz AC

  • Used as a method for measuring the amount of light absorption by a chemical substance through measuring intensity of light as light beam passes through sample solution
  • Suitable for conducting quantitative analysis in fields like –
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical engineering
  • Clinical applications

Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fischer Titrator offered is made available by us under model options CL -510 and is designed to deliver minimum detect-ability of 0.5 mg. of moisture as well as functional accuracy of 0.25 mg. These also feature burette capacity of 10ml with burette resolution of 0.05 ml and stirrer support provided in variable speeds. Further, the end point of the titator is electronically timed and comes with support of audible buzzer and a bar LED display support. The complete system is designed to work on 220 v ac supply.

  • Advanced moisture measurement mode that provides for higher accuracy in output
  • Wide touch panel to allow for easy operations
  • Economical as well as eco-friendly designs
  • Designed to cut back on reagent consumption and functional costs
  • Suitable for moisture determination
  • Based on newly adapted detection method that meets needs of applications involving use of different solvents
  • Allows for simple and routine measurements with complete precision

  • Finding suitability for testing of concentration that determines maximum precision as well as productivity
  • Suitable for use in field of research and biotechnology

Photo Flori Meter

Photo Flori Meter offered is made available by us under model option CL 950 and comes with sensitivity of F.S. deflection with 0.1 ppm quinine sulphate in 0.1 n sulfuric acid solution (primary W/L 360 NM). Further, these come with 3 digit display support with sample test tube of 15MM * 80MM. With minimum sample required of 4ML, the light source is 12 V, 50HZ lamp.

  • Comes with optimum filter support comprising primary filter of 360 NM, 440NM, secondary filter of 485 NM, 640NM and above, 550nm
  • Features photo cell based detector
  • Complete system works on 220 V AC support

  • Used in chemical research industries and laboratories for experimentation purposes

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